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Experienced consultants helping to ensure your organization complies with industry-standard food hygiene and health & safety regulations in various production environments.
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The members and associates of Safety at Work are all highly experienced and trained operators, who have been involved in the OHS and Food industries in senior management positions for many years, and can provide the following services:


Managerial advice to ensure profitability


Baseline and Compliance Audits


Environmental Consultancy


Health and safety Risk Assessments


ISO 22000 and ISO 18000 implementation and compliance


Training as per government accreditation

Company Overview

The main aim of our business is through Consulting, Auditing and Training to assist industries.

We ensure Legal Compliance i.t.o. the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and Regulations by implementing and managing S.H.E. Management programmes.

We ensure Legal Compliance to HACCP and ISO 22000 and all relevant Food Safety regulations. Safety at Work render a service that address the development of safe and hygienic working practices and culture from senior management to shop floor levels to create a safe and hygienic working environment in which everyone take responsibility.

A safer and healthier working environment will ensure a happier and more productive workforce with a better production output.

The members and associates of Secure 360 Safety and Food Consultancy are all highly experienced and trained operators, who have been involved in the OHS and Food industries in senior management positions. They have the knowledge and skill (practical and theoretical) to assist their clients in the prevention of financial losses caused by accidents, incidents or non conformances.

Having had the practical experience in the fields of timber harvesting, manufacturing, retail, civil construction, abattoir and food/meat processing industries, Secure 360 Safety and Food Consultancy can offer workable solutions to OHS and ISO concerns.

Main Objectives

  • To render an affordable market related service to all types of industries according to their requirements, risk profile and working environments.
  • To provide a holistic approach to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • To facilitating health and safety instruction, information and training.
  • To develop pragmatic solutions to client’s problems.
  • Being flexible in our approach and offering a personal and professional service.

This can only be achieved through close cooperation of management, employees and our professional associates.

Our Policy

  • To deliver a quality and professional custom solution, always.
  • To sensitize all levels of a workforce to their legal responsibilities.
  • Assist management in identifying areas of concern through audits, surveys, training, consultancies and risk assessments.
  • Advise management on countermeasures to minimize or eliminate risk.
  • To keep our clients informed and knowledgeable in the field of OHS Management using modern communication media.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide professional and innovative OHS and Food Processing solutions.

We aim to set the standard for a practical and affordable service to industries to manage OHS and Food Processing within their specific working environments. This is achieved through our associating with reputable individuals and service providers in their respective disciplines.

We are quality driven and strive for ongoing service improvement through gaining a better understanding of our clients and their needs.

Our Philosophy

Management must retain responsibility/accountability for the day to day maintenance of the Occupational Health and Safety programme and Safety at Work will assist in mentoring and guidance of the Safety Representative(s) appointed in the work environment.


Whatever services you should require within the field of our expertise Safety at Work Consultancy will be able to provide you with information, advice or products suitable to your requirements. Safety at Work Consultancy can manage or facilitate your entire OHS Management Program and Food Safety Programs. Should you require assistance outside our field of expertise, we will recommend a reputable service provider to you.

Benefits of making use of Safety at Work Consultancy services

  • Reducing overhead costs
  • 100% business expense deductible
  • Training levy reclaimable
  • Service available either as specified project or as per service agreement
  • Training available for employees and management when required
  • Pre-Dept. of Labour inspection service and recommendations to correct potential contraventions at your workplace
  • Meat Inspection
  • Food Safety Inspections and audits
  • HACCP and ISO 22000 implementation
  • Seta accredited training
  • Up to date on safety regulations and statutory requirements
  • Available to evaluate current OHS system/File and upgrade as required or develop a new OHS system / File specific to your business and industry needs
  • Can create and check DOL required documentation / paperwork
  • Annual service contract available for better saving







Safety at Work Team

Experienced consultants helping to ensure your organization complies with industry-standard food hygiene and health & safety regulations

Callie Niemann

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

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